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Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions define Our Services which are applicable to the User and its availability at waaters.org (Website/Platform) and WAATERS Ltd (The company “Owner)”. The website is owned, developed (designed), preserved (maintained) and controlled by the WAATERS’ Team (based in the UK). Our Terms & Conditions function as legal subscription-based Agreements between WAATERS, and you, the User (the Member). By using this website, you comply with the Terms & Conditions in their totality.

In order to enter lawfully into this Agreement, you have to be in a legal partnership/employment with the organisation that you will register from your behalf and  within the Authority of your residence, and within the entire Law, to be obligated by this Agreement. You also have to be fully eligible, and acknowledged, to join us and to accept Our Terms & Conditions, as well as, the obligations which are set out in this Agreement. By endorsing (accepting) this Agreement, we will conclude that you do have the ability to be obligated by it. You do not have to use the Services of WAATERS’ platform if you are not fulfilling the above terms.

WAATERS offers an opportunity to monitor/track the effectiveness of our research database and see the overall statistics for a certain technology. Any decision performed by the User on the basis of the given data must be thoroughly understood, and if not, you can always contact our team for more explanations. WAATERS is not offering investment advice to its Users.

Intellectual Property

All legal protections (rights) to WAATERS.org persist under the possession of the WAATERS Team. That includes the design, layout, logos, structures, schemes, graphs, images, videos, buttons, data, materials, general information, technologies, software, coding and all other elements of the platform.

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you concur irreversibly that any comments for enhancement that are later made will be in the possession of WAATERS without recompense-financial or otherwise. Comments, concepts that you express with WAATERS will be completed in your own free consent. Through using WAATERS.org and its Services, you concur to grant WAATERS all legal protections to research outcomes made using the Platform and that WAATERS may use or integrate such outcomes into the Platform, Services or future updates and improvements thereof. WAATERS own all information collected by your use of the platform.

You concur to take into account not to use and share publicly the subscription-based information which you get, as we deliver it to you in terms of utmost confidentiality at any time, unless (whereas) WAATERS.org does not decide to make such content available to the public.


Subscriptions/Memberships Refunds

For direct debits, if at some point you determine that you no longer desire to be a subscriber of WAATERS, please visit your payment account (PayPal, Google Pay etc.), as per the payment method you have chosen, to guarantee that no potential payments will be made.

Account/Profile Security

You absolutely concur and understand that you are legally responsible for all aspects of your WAATERS login details. You realize and agree that any data supplied in or from your profile/account is accurate, up-to – date and entirely true. If any change occurs, you concur to keep updated your account accordingly.

You fully comprehend that you must not reveal your login details to any third party. Your rights and access to WAATERS.org are granted to you individually and privately and are not applicable to be transferred by you to any other organization or company. If you are conscious of any illegal disclosure to your account or profile data, you must therefore notify WAATERS promptly by sending an email either to info@waaters.org or support@waaters.org.

Appropriate Use

You concur not to offer, supply or deliver any Content of the Website, to the Website, or to use any data from/to the Website, that:

Includes any kind of malware technologies, along with, but not constrained to, Trojan horses, spyware, or any other sort of malicious software.
• Violates or disregards the intellectual property of any third party.
• It is endangering, disrespectful, violent, deceitful or detrimental to any User, organization or person (including WAATERS).
• Infiltrates the confidentiality of any User, organization or person concerned (including WAATERS).
• Confronts WAATERS or any of its proprietors, shareholders, employees or in any other way that distorts your partnership with WAATERS.
• Tries to sell or leaseholds any Services from the Website of any kind.
• Use guideline or algorithmic methods to track or imitate the website or any materials it incorporates.
• Contributes to the illegal distribution of copyright material.
• Incorporates adult or sexually explicit contents.
• It encourages hateful rhetoric, racial prejudice, and violent extremism.